Give the Gift of Beautiful Skin This Holiday Season

December 1, 2017

With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering what gift to give to a friend or family member. Why not consider giving the gift of beautiful skin this holiday season? Why not also pamper yourself and enjoy beautiful skin today? We, at Contour You in Scottsdale, AZ, are here to help you and your loved…


Five Things you Should Know About CoolSculpting®

November 1, 2017

Don’t you wish there was a magic machine that whisked away fat that is resistant to diet and exercise? CoolSculpting® is as close as you can get. What exactly is CoolSculpting®? Here are the five things you may want to know about this revolutionary, non-surgical option for fat reduction and body contouring. 1.CoolSculpting® Explained CoolSculpting®…

FYBBL Treatment

Be Forever Young with a BBL™ Treatment

October 1, 2017

Are you ready to recapture your youth? The Forever Young BBL device is the only treatment that has been shown to alter the expression of your genes associated with aging, longevity and increased lifespan. After regular BBL treatments, your skin will not only look younger, but it will feel smoother and clearer!   What is…

Contour You Skin Clinic Joint Logo

Contour You is SkinCeuticals 4th Flagship Skin Clinic in the US!

September 12, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as the fourth Flagship Skin Clinic in the United States by SkinCeuticals! SkinCeuticals is the market share leader in physician-dispensed topical skin care products. Their pharmaceutical grade products are only available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medispas. These cosmeceuticals bridge the gap between over-the-counter cosmetic…


Repairing Sun Damaged Skin

September 1, 2017

Over time, your skin may begin to lose its youthful glow due to your body’s natural aging process and sun exposure. You may notice sun spots, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles appearing. Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can target sun damaged skin turning around the clock, and restoring your youthful look once…


Contour You helps clients look as good as they feel

July 5, 2017

When clients walk into Contour You for the first time for body contouring or other treatment, they might be focused solely on the area of their body that they want to improve. But for Dr. Scott and Dee Siverhus, co-owners of Contour You, they see the entire person. “We always look at the whole person…


Dee Siverhus – AZ Foothills

June 5, 2017

Name: Dee Siverhus Website Facebook Age: 54 Title: Owner of Contour You Medical Spa Married/Single: Married Kids: 2 City you live in: Scottsdale A typical day in my life includes… a triathlon while juggling at the same time. I hit the floor running every morning at 5 am to see patients and manage my present…


Contour You opening new medical spa in north Scottsdale

June 2, 2017

When Dr. Scott W. Siverhus isn’t fixing broken ankles, knees and hips at the Core Institute, he’s supporting his wife Dee in the medical spa business. In June, the couple is opening a Contour You medical spa in AJ’s Desert Village Plaza in Scottsdale. As medical director of Contour You, Scott said he has spent…


Why Hydration Is So Important

May 29, 2017

We all know drinking water is important but do you know why? It affects much more than you might think. Here are some interesting bits of info. to help you drink more water, according to Everyday Health: Dehydration, which occurs when the body has insufficient water and other fluids to function properly, can lead to…


5 Important Considerations Before Any Cosmetic Procedure

April 25, 2017

With the growing number of cosmetic procedures done each year, there is a tendency to take it for granted. The fact is, the body needs to heal after any procedure, which is just one reason the non-invasive forms of body contouring have become so popular. There is no surgery, the downtime is minimal and the…

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